Process and Corporate Culture

1 Corporate culture is not only a concept that a company uses to attract talents, but also a spirit and method running through the management. Here, I'll talk about the process, which reflects the characteristics and culture of a company as well.

As we all know, a small company cannot handle complex processes for its lack of human and material resources. On the contrary, a big company may have mutiple internal processes for its huge organization structure. The two phenomenas are too normal to discuss here, but if a large company can insist on simple processes, meanwhile, it was also run quite well, it should be extremely respectable.

Complex processes make the management easier and easier, which means no employee would be indispensable, and the stock holders find it very easy to hire an employee as the processes have controlled everything and there are not too many talents needed. This kind of company can not only make a big contribution to the development of productive forces but also make the managers respected widely.

Gradually, the companies above may find a series of problems: they're unable to retain employees; they can not do research of top technology and they can not make the best developers find their self-worth.

On the other side, simple processes and self-service culture is the best way to liberate the developers' mind which was once detained, and finally, the creative idears can survive. That's why one company can bring success to several people while another can bring it to the whole company.

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