Good Surroundings For Programmer

Good Surroundings For Programmer Programmers are those who work on creation, and they’re simple, hard-working and careless about dressing. They really need some special conditions to help to exhibit their creativity, since the very work is easily affected by environment.

1. Comfortable chairs. Programmers can keep a good sitting posture in a chair of suitable height. Just get rid of the things they are worried about, and they’ll totally focus on the work at hand and keep energetic for a long time.

2. Large screen. Maybe two screens are preferable. Programmer hates to press alt+tab to switch windows between browser and command line screen.

3. Free internet. Do not try to limit programmer’s access to web, or it seems that you try to keep a healthy person locked up at home all the time, which is extremely cruel.

4. Flexible working time. Do not force programmer to get up early in the morning, because he is a night owl in deed. Just give each programmer a clear goal, and wait for them to pay you back.

5. Closely spaced seats. They want to discuss problem together, and of course, no eavesdropping!

6. Coffee, carbonated drinks, snacks and cigarretes supplies. OK, now all the programmers are expressing their gratitude and worshipping you.





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